Now I Feel Like An American

The first song on this album describes her motivation to create this Bluegrass recording. She wrote all the songs in her beloved Floyd County, Virginia, where music is truly in the air. Her songs were inspired by nature, the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the sun and the stars, and her wonderful friends. She also loves to write songs about things she personally experienced. Through her musical career Starroot has played many musical instruments, including hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, recorder, piano, accordion, guitar and harmonica. On this album, she sings her own songs while favorite Bluegrass musicians illustrate them. Starroot writes and sings songs of love, peace, hope and happiness to make her audiences feel relaxed, happy and positive.

Released January 23, 2024

All songs written by Starroot
All songs published by Starroot
All songs arranged and produced by Mike Mitchell

Starroot: Lead vocals
Jody King: Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Eli Wildman: Mandolin
Jeff Partin: Dobro
Mike Mitchell: Fiddles and Harmony vocals

Vocals, mandolin and fiddles engineered by Mike Mitchell at FMS Studio, Floyd, VA
Guitar, Bass and Banjo engineered by Jody King at After 5 Studio, Ararat, VA
Mixing/Mastering: Jeff Oehler / Beehive Productions

Cover and Inside paintings by Starroot
Package layout by Sue Bibeau

MORE MUSIC from Starroot!

Yellow Magnetic Sun
A Galactic Prayer for Planet Earth

Experience selflessness, endlessness and timelessness. Surrender and open to the pulsating natural frequency while you unwind the old and build your highest dreams.
Yellow Magnetic Sun will take you on a musical journey into the future. It is based on the galactic Mayan calendar and attuned to Planet Earth and the Solar System.

Starroot – voice, breath, peyote drum, rattles, Peruvian whistles, Mayan occarinas, gong, galactic prayers
Starspark – voice, occarina, galatic prayer
Rob Yard – bamboo flute
Brad Miller – djembe
Jay Dreaming – synthesizers
Frank Greenlee – guitars, casio midi, adamas acoustic, special effects

Produced by Starroot
Recorded and mixed at Gap Mountain Studio, Blacksburg, VA by Frank Greenlee

Red Cosmic Dragon
Galactic Birth Ritual

Red Cosmic Dragon will take you on a musical journey of rebirthing into your higher spiritual identity.  In the galactic Mayan timekeeping system, every day has a special quality. This music captures the energy of the day “Red Cosmic Dragon” – symbolizing birth, orgasm, nurturing and magic flight. 

Starroot – voice, breath, trompe, peyote drum, rattles, Peruvian whistles, Mayan occarinas, Tibetan bells, ceremonial leader
Starspark: voice, breath, occarinas, trompe, Taos drum
Katherine, Jayn, Colleen – trompe
Sunny & Jewel – drums, voice, breath, occarinas
Isa, Chuck, Larry – conga drums
Jay Dreaming – bass part 1, guitar part 2
John Winnicki – guitar part 1, bass part 2

Produced by Starroot
Recorded and mixed by Jay Dreaming at High Flowing Studio, Floyd, VA

Sunny Side Up - Songs for Kids

A collection of songs for kids – but grownups will love them too!

All songs written by Ruth Neumann / Starroot
Somersault is:
Ruth Neumann – guitar, accordian, harmonica, vocals
Kari Thomas Kovick – percussion, vocals
Walt Flythe – guitar, flute
Rick Hall – bass
Recorded June 2005 at Starroot Music Studios, Floyd County, VA
Recording Engineer: Keith Cooley

In La'kech w Garius Hill

In La’kech is the greeting the Mayans use meaning “I am another you” I wrote this song in L.A. in the late 1990’s on my way back from Hawaii where I had been teaching a Mayan calendar class. Later my friend Garius Hill, the jazz composer and pianist arranged it, and we recorded the song in Frank Greenlee’s studio in rural Southwest Virginia.

Amanita Mushrooms

I was inspired to write this Amanita Mushroom song as a contemporary take on the ancient traditions. This recording captures the very first time my band and I played it

We Are the Warriors of the Light

Warriors of the Light is a collection of my songs played by my band at my wedding, accompanied by the 15-member Kusun Ensemble drum and dance group from Ghana, and some local friends.

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